Adsaccelerator course

Patrick Wind is right now the CEO of Patrick Wind has been capacitating, giving support and online tools to thousands of businessmen that grow their businesses with excellent and advanced advertisings especially on Instagram and Facebook platforms.   Being a professional Entrepreneur is not easy. Wind failed 3 times in his own different e-commerce stores. It is not until you realize how demanding marketing is and that it requires more than just attract traffic to his website.

Why should I listen to this man?

Wind has been nominating by Forbes 30 under 30 for his impressive and numerous courses that implement new methods especially made to attract new audiences and potential customers by the appliances of convincing designs of advertisings. This entrepreneur in his immense wish to dominate and learn everything related to E-commerce and Digital Marketing, Wind invested 3 million euros on more of 120 different brands, from clothing to electronics. After his investments he got a return earning of 10,4 million euros by generating online sales for each of them. At this moment his marketing strategies are being implemented by international and famous brands like Bioderma, DiammondSuplyCo, and  ASICS. He also worked with the most rated startups from Europe like Meller, HolaLuz, and 21buttons, These are brands that assure you how efficient Wind is in his work. Wind gives to AdsAccelerator the vision of democratization of advanced skills of KnowHow and digital marketing Right now the new advanced tools and strategies are just available to big corporations, It’s kinda unfair but these corporations are so massive that in the digital marketing area is very profitable. The success is so big that they need someone else to administer their Facebook or Google key accounts. On the other hand, unfortunately, the smaller corporations don’t have the benefit of this help, having that actually it is a business disadvantage.

Patrick Wind’s thoughts in digital marketing

Wind tells us that in the first place, The CPM or known as cost per thousand impressions is alarming increasing. If we compare from 2018 January to 2019 January In the US by actual research we can see that CPM for Instagram and Facebook has increased drastically by 96%. This basically means that it costs double to reach the previous year of traffic and users. One of the keys is to keep up the same conversion rates through the entire guidance of his clients, the investment returns from advertising will reduce 50%   The statistics of many advertisings from Instagram and Facebook show us that most of the e-commerce sellers need to know that more than 25% of active users guarantee that some Facebook advertisements influence their online shopping. In consequence, this can increase the participation and involvement of users three more times if we use advertising videos instead of just using single pictures on Instagram, Usually, the average CTR on Facebook in all industries approximately is 0.1% and the other 0.7% of Instagram users do something with those advertisements.

What is the meaning of Wind’s course

The real meaning of Wind’s workshops and courses is that you need to find the right audience to generate a prospection, this means that the real intention is to find people that can get into this kind of marketing. We can also readjust properly with interesting ads put in sequence like a redirecting sequential funnel. So in consequence from day 1 to day 3 they will be impacted with dynamic ads of a product, for example. If you didn’t buy to that moment so from day 4 to day 7, you will see some user’s reviews, testimonies or even influencers sponsoring the same product. A selling’s funnel is essential to any E-commerce business because in this way it analyzes the perspectives that users have to become into clients. We know that an online store can trade its products with thousands of people but just a small percentage will become potential clients. To prevent users to get bored in the following 14 or 30 days the main idea is to be relevant and tell a story by a sequence of ads and that for sure makes a big difference. As a result of this strategy, the selling funnel will be optimized as well as the conversion rate. Wind explains that there are 3 ways that we can design our own selling funnel so we can increase the maximum number of conversions.

Metrics oriented funnel

 Take a look at your sites, evaluate its value and potential of an upgrade, check the key metrics that will help you to see how are your goals advancing and how can you prevent losing numbers.



Enhanced E-Commerce model


With this marketing model you can focus on general trends and it also gives information about individual products or segments.



AIDA model


This model will help you to determine how people can know and familiarize themselves with your products, how these people can interest in buying your products as well desire them and finally buying or engaging with it.


Patrick’s advice to some e-sellers

This is a catchy topic for Wind but he establishes 2 key answers. The first one is a purely marketing-related concept and the other one is a business-related concept. Let’s know more about Wind’s marketing-related concept.



Wind explains that exist 2 channels where personally he sees right now a big growth potential this year and very probable next year too. The first channel is YouTube where has been recently added a function to mix Google Shopping service with YouTube, This is really good to make easier online shopping.



A clear example of this could be this situation: So you are watching a Youtube video of Nike from a single soccer player that is sponsored by Nike and below this video, you can see all featured products that you saw in the video but at the same time you can also buy these products. 


Basically, this will make any featured product into buyable content, this could be something huge for this year and probably the next one.


Patrick has an E-commerce perspective that most of the European industries are forgetting and it is the Pinterestplatform. 


This platform merely depends on its audience, product, and Add-to-cart option.



For example, Wind works with an e-commerce industry that is dedicated to selling women jewelry and Pinterest’s target audience is 80% women and these women’s age range is known between 25 and 40 years. At the same time, this is a wealthier audience to take into consideration, making this is a very smart strategy.



Businessmen think that Pinterest is a very clever idea because Pinterest is innovating with the possibility of publishing ads in the same way that Instagram and Facebook do. 


Sounds simple but the CPM is lower, we know that this isn’t the most important but it still being a KPI indicator to take in mind.



Yes, from a marketing thinking this strategy doesn’t only take advantage of the electronic sea but the fight for the golden fish that everybody just wants to catch. For this reason, it is the moment of getting into new channels where big companies are not into yet.



That was about marketing-related concepts but now if we see it from Wind’s Business perspective. He says that most e-commerce companies that worked with him started being small and kind of poor but with the right management and correct strategies some of these businesses started to make incomes of seven and eight digits per year. 


At the time each one of these businesses is generating incomes without any external connections.



Focusing 100% in the digital world is a risky idea and all brands that work with Wind, but especially these industries that generate seven or eight digits incomes count with some off-line strategies and most of them are generating at least half of their incomes offline.


Patrick Wind’s recommendations to e-commerce businesses


From Wind’s view, you need an agency that can understand the potential do you have in your project, understanding a bit deeper your product and especially the audience. The key to marketing impulse, in this case, is to boost ads from Instagram and Facebook.



You need to discover your potential customer’s necessities that really are satisfied with your product. It’s really common nowadays to find agencies that promise you more income to your business but don’t have the right strategies to apply properly to your project or business model, ending in failure.